Pricing & Trip Information

The Janine B can charter up to six people. We run morning and afternoons, with flexible hours for our customers.

Charter fishing Trip length is a minimum of four hours to a maximum of eight hours. The exception is our popular 10 hour combination bass/shark trip. We of course keep a camera on board, and will email your pictures to you.

Half day (4 hours) trips are $550, with $50 for each additional hour up to 8 hours.  This pertains to striped bass, bluefish, and groundfish.

Tuna or Shark trips are $1200 and last 10 hours.  A popular combination is a tuna /striped bass or shark/striped bass trip for $1200 and also 10 hours. 

The mate customarily receives a 15-20% tip.

All prices are not for individual anglers but for the boat and captain.  The Janine B can fish up to 6 anglers.

Regarding tuna, of special note is the Captain retains the option of keeping and selling all tuna of commercial size (73+ inches). The anglers fish for free that day, and they have the opportunity to take as many photos as they desire.  All tuna below 73 inches are the property of the anglers.

Credit Cards Accepted